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Regular grooming is essential for many dogs and cats and can be done during any month of the year. Salon 104 Pet Grooming offers specialised dog and cat grooming services to ensure your pet maintains healthy skin and mat-free fur. Our highly experienced groomers can cater to dogs of any size, shape and breed. Please feel free to bring in a photograph or discuss the options with one of our grooming consultants.

Grooming is available on Monday to Saturdays. We have two Groomers who are experienced in a variety of styles. Dogs can arrive at our veterinary clinic at the arranged drop off time and you will be notified by phone as soon as they are finished. The grooming is conducted in a secure part of the building by professional groomers so your pet will feel secure, and the process itself is carried out quickly so as to reduce any stress on your pet. As our dog grooming services are in such high demand, spaces are limited and bookings are essential.

Our professional dog grooming service includes:

Check out our range of available grooming services below.
Bookings can be made directly by calling 07 3881 0077

or by completing our Grooming Request Form.

Full Grooming
Puppy Clip


Puppy Clips are recommended for every puppy to maintain their coat until they are big enough for an adult clip. These are also a great way to get your puppy used to a lifetime of grooming. Puppies under 20 weeks of age receive a complimentary puppy clip.

Washing the Dog
Breed Standard Trim


This haircut is the traditional trim for your particular breed of dog (e.g. Westie, Schnauzer, Bichon, Poodle). This service includes a relaxed massage in the bath, a fluffy blow dry, ears, nails, delicate areas, perfume and a bandana or bow to finish.

Turbo De-Shed & Blow Dry
Refreshing Fluffy Blow Dry


This treatment is ideal for double coated breeds (e.g. Husky, Malamute, Border Collie, Golden Retriever or Pomeranian). A refreshing warm bath using special shampoo to loosen the undercoat fur that sheds around the house, followed by a fluffy blow dry. Using a special brush, we remove the undercoat and any tangles from the coat. Ears are cleaned, nails are clipped, finishing with a spray of perfume. Your pet will feel clean and revitalized.


A refreshing hand bath and relaxing massage followed by a fluffy blow dry. Removing tangles from the coat, clip nails and clean ears. Finishing with a spray of perfume.

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Style Trim


Choose the length you would like on the body, either short or long, we then style your pet’s head to suit. A teddy head, moustache, mohawk, etc. This service includes a hand bath and fluffy blow dry, ears, nails, delicate areas, perfume, and a bandana or bow to finish.

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A lovely personalised hand bath and relaxing massage followed by a towel dry. We remove any tangles from the coat, clip the nails and clean the ears finished off with a spray of perfume.

Ginger Cat
Kitty Clips


We offer a safe and low-stress handling cat grooming service. Our experienced groomers do all haircuts from belly trims, to lion or dinosaur clips.

As it is safer and less stressful for your cat, we only groom them under sedation, supervised by a vet and a vet nurse. Cats are known to wriggle and can run the risk of being nicked if not sedated.

Please call the clinic for pricing on 3881 0077 or to make an enquiry use our convenient online booking form.

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