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Feline Vaccination Amnesty

Has your kitty missed getting vaccinations each year?

We make a commitment to our patients to be a partner in their health care, so we always get concerned when we notice that our patients aren’t fully protected against preventable diseases. Perhaps you stopped vaccinating after their kitten course? If the answer is ‘yes’  then you can take advantage of our Feline Vaccination Amnesty to get them up to date.

Cat vaccination

Why are boosters required?

Over time protection falls and their immunity levels need ‘topping up’ on a yearly basis by a booster vaccination. They also receive a full health check at their annual booster appointment which ensures they are fit and healthy. It is a common misconception that once your pet has had their initial vaccines they will be covered for life and regular boosters are unnecessary. 

Unfortunately unvaccinated cats, even if they only live indoors, are highly susceptible to pathogens that live within our environment. These viral pathogens can be transmitted via the bottom of shoes, human hands and many other surfaces that come into contact with the outside world.  

So what is the Feline Vaccination Amnesty?
If your cat is not up to date with their annual vaccination* then they will require a full vaccine course of two injections, which are given 4 weeks apart, to once again build up their immunity.During October, thanks to the generous support of our vaccine supplier, we are able to offer the 2nd vaccine and full health check at no extra cost(valued at approximately  $92). Once this course is complete they are all set for annual boosters.