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Diagnostic, Imaging and Radiology

Our Vets are trained in many areas including pathology, microbiology, haematology and parasitology.
With our up to date laboratory in the clinic we are able to immediately run many diagnostic tests to help us determine the nature of your pet’s illness.

We have readily available diagnostic tests including:

  • Heartworm in dogs
  • FIV in cats
  • DNA testing in dogs
  • Giardia in dogs
  • General Health Profiles
  • Diagnostic Health Profiles
  • Pre-Anaesthetic Profiles


Blood Testing

Full blood tests allow us to diagnose kidney disease, live disease, anemia, infection and many other issues. This means we are able start your pet on the correct treatment straight away and get them on the way to recovery.


We offer full digital x-ray services, enabling on the spot diagnosis for your pet.

Most pets won’t sit still for pictures, so often require sedation or anaesthesia to take diagnostic x-rays. A full anaesthetic machine is available in our radiology room for this.

Oxygen therapy can be provided for our sick patients or those who have trouble breathing while they are having their x-rays, to keep them as comfortable as possible while we are finding out what’s wrong and how to help them


Ultrasound is an excellent tool to image your pet’s internal organs. Some examples of what we use ultrasound for would be looking at changes to internal organs when blood tests have picked up they aren’t functioning well, finding and measuring tumours etc.

If your pet needs an ultrasound, we will organise a specialist to come to the clinic, bringing with them the latest technology in utlrasound equipment and a huge wealth of knowledge.

Our vets to communicate directly with the specialists at the time of the scan, meaning a diagnosis is reached sooner and  information can be given to worried pet owners faster.

A full ultrasound report is then added to your pets file.

We also have our own ultrasound machine on site to aid our vets in their diagnostics.