Your Local Family Vet

Unit 6, 104 Gympie Road
Strathpine, QLD 4500

(07) 3881 0077

Our Clinic

When you visit our practice, you will find plenty of convenient off-street parking.  If you need help getting your pet in and out of the car, our nurses are more than happy to help you

Reception and Waiting Rooms

On arrival for an appointment, you will be asked to weigh your dog on our digital scales.  These are free to use at anytime to keep a check on your pets weight. Cats, puppies and other smaller patients will be weighed on separate scales once they are in a consulting room.

Our waiting area is very spacious giving you the ease to wait comfortably with your pet. We have a section dedicated for cats, here you will find specially designed boxes for your cats cage to sit, this will make them feel secure.

Our waiting room also has a variety of pet products that you can browse over.  If you find we don’t have what you are looking for, just ask and we can simply order it in for next day delivery.  We also have an online shop, for your convenience at home.

Consulting Rooms

When it’s time for your pet to see the vet, they will be examined and treated in one of our three consulting rooms. We have one that is dedicated to cats, dogs and our nurses for admissions and discharges.

The Veterinarian will perform a full examination in the consult room. Smaller animals will be examined on the consult table and larger animals on the floor. If you are unable to hold your pet for their examination please advise staff and a nurse is a will assist the Vet.

The staff wish to achieve a stress-free environment for your pets while visiting the clinic. The nurses will offer treats and other ways to help calm your dogs as well. Dogs are welcome to wait outside or in the consult room until the Vet is ready. We have a designated waiting room for cats with boxes to place your pets cage to make them feel safe and secure.

Dog Ward

Our dog ward is separate from other wards and patient cages. The cages are specially designed stainless steel with a slight slope to the floor for drainage and optimum cleanliness and comfort.

The cages are able to accommodate all sizes of  dogs, they are lined with comfortable bedding and all the necessary items to make them feel at home. The ward has its own ducting and air conditioning. .

We welcome all our clients to come through the clinic and visit us, and see where your pet will be staying. 

Cat Ward

Our Cat Ward is a separate room to all other wards and patient cages. Feliway is running through a diffuser at all times in the cat ward to help keep your cat calm and free from stress and anxiety.

The cages are made of solid walls (this prevents any cat from being able to see another cat) and lined with comfortable bedding all the necessary items to make them feel at home. The ward has its own ducting and air conditioning.

We welcome all our clients to come through the clinic and visit us, and see where your pet will be staying.


Our vets are trained in many areas including pathology, microbiology, haematology and parasitology.  With our in-house laboratory, we are able to run many diagnostic tests to help us determine the nature of your pet’s overall health.  This means rapid results so we can start your pet on the correct treatment straight away.

We also use our in-house laboratory to run a blood test before your pet has an anaesthetic which allows us to find any hidden problems which may affect the safety of the procedure, such as liver or kidney disease, diabetes or anaemia.


Our Vets have over 50 years combined experience in the field of surgery. Common procedures we would do each day include desexing, soft tissue surgery, lump removals, wound repair, and dental surgery.  We can also offer visiting Specialist Surgeons that do Orthopedic and Advanced  Dentistry.

All of our surgical patients’ vital signs are monitored by an experienced surgical nurse at all times, as well as the latest monitoring equipment.

We offer pre anaesthetic blood testing to ensure your pet is well prior to their procedure, as well as intravenous fluid therapy to provide the safest possible anaesthetic.

We do all routine surgeries Monday to Friday.

Treatment Room

This large space in the middle of our clinic, is used to treat our hospital patients. We also have a wet procedures area for procedures such as dental scaling and polishing.

We have ICU cages, for all pets coming in for surgery or recovering from unfortunate illnesses such as tick paralysis or trauma.  These cages provide heated comfort to keep pets warm and are monitored by our nurses constantly.

Attached to these cages are fluid infusion pumps, which allows your pet to get the precise treatment needed.  All our hospital patients are monitored all throughout the day by our nurse and veterinary staff.