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Health and Fitness

Healthy active pets are happy pets.

For dogs, the sensory stimulation that they receive from venturing outside the yard provides many positive benefits. Cats also enjoy a play time, just to spend some time with you. As an added benefit regular physical activity helps reduce the incidence and development of behaviour problems in your pet.

Sadly a large percentage of modern day pets are becoming couch potatoes. It’s starting to show with Australia seeing an epidemic in pet obesity with over 41% of dogs and 33% of cats tipping the scales over their ideal weight.

So why is this happening?

Most pets are simply eating too many calories and not doing enough exercise. Gone are the days of scavenging and hunting for food, chasing away enemies and playing with each other. Our pet’s live a charmed life with an endless supply of food and reduced opportunities for exercise.

So how can I help my pet?

Firstly by visiting the veterinary clinic and having a complimentary Healthy Weight Check. Our qualified veterinary nurses will assess your pet’s current body condition. They are available to give great advice on diet modification and helpful tips on how to introduce exercise for cats and dogs.  Even small changes can make a big difference to your pet’s physical and mental well being.

The Northside Vet Care team are passionate about the health and fitness of your pet and getting them off the couch. If you would like to join them check out our other information pages relating to health and fitness and exercising with your pet for great information and ideas on how to get started.