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Strathpine, QLD 4500

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Client Reviews

J Miles

Provides a great service. Caring and thorough.
J Miles

R Hering

I have seen several vets with my 3 dogs. And the Strathpine clinic was by far the most pleasant experience. My dogs will definitely be returning for every vetcare need. Vet Kristy was so lovely I will be booking them in with her every time.
R Hering

M O'Hearn

Provides a great service. Caring and thorough.
J Miles

J Lissett

Puss is now doing very well. Her wounds have healed and her fur has grown back. Thank you for your care and kind attention.
Judith Lisett

Today we got our sausage dog Sambal discharged after 3 days of being admitted. I have been looking for a good, caring, friendly vet team. The were very loving and i could not fault them in any way. Im pretty sure my snag spend more times in nurses arms then he did in his cage. I have been for 4 other Brisbane Vets and have yet to repeat visit except for these guys! An extra special thank you to Jenna for the special love you gave him, and to Caitlin for a bright up beat personality makes things less stressful when you know you have people like you looking after our babies. I will be recommending you to everyone! Thanks Vee and Mikie
Venetta Lilley-Brown
We've been taking our Labradors to Northside Vet Care for 6 years now, and I couldn't ask for better care for our dogs. The team there are very friendly and knowledgeable, and they've been able to handle all the issues we've thrown at them. From a cruciate ligament surgery, dental care, annual injections, right through to dietary advice, Northside Vet Care has been integral in the health and maintenance of our fur babies. I can't recommend them enough!
Andrew Marks
My husband and I cannot fault the care, respect and concern the vets and the staff have extended to us and our pets. Thanks especially to Fleur and the two women who so thoughtfully assisted tonight when we had to make the awful decision to have one of our little dogs euthanised - so much comfort extended to Georgie during the process and very clear advice with no pressure or judgement. Thank you for the fine and very tough work you all do.
Meg Daley-Reynolds
I've had a lot of experiences with Northside Vets, which has included injured wild life. They always accept the wild life emergencies with open arms, even if it is 15 mins before closing time! My mother, sister and myself all bring our pets to Northside Vets, as they are always so lovely and seem to be just as in love with our pets as we are (which means a lot, as they're not just pets, they're our family.) I have even phoned up on occasion and have spoken directly to a vet, when they didn't even know I was a loyal customer and given free advice. Even though they are a smidge more expensive than other vets, I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else! As my grandmother used to say, you can't put a price on great service!
Taylor undertale

Very helpful and friendly people which you can see all have a love for animals
Sasha Vaz
The people here are so nice and it is quite affordable which is great when you need help for your furry friend
Bianca Lowe
We called this Vet clinic first thing in the morning in a sad state, in order to arrange for euthanasia for our dog. At all times we were treated with care and consideration. A kindly vet and nurse came to our home and performed their duty with kindness and sensitivity, sending our little guy on his way quietly and without fuss. We are very appreciative of the service offered to us. We certainly recommend Northside Vet Care.
Rachel Kennedy
We've been taking our 7-1/2 yo Fox Terrier X named Buddy to Northside Vet Care since he was a puppy. Every experience with this vet clinic has been really good. We've had two major trauma cases for Buddy treated with great sensitivity and care, plus his general vet checks and vaccinations. I would personally recommend this clinic to anyone who loves their pet, who wants great service, their prices are really, really reasonable, and they don't push products or services that your pet (and your pocket!) don't need. All positives from our viewpoint!
Charlotte Ingham

Amazing service made my dog so comfortable to be there to get treated and took him right away with no appointment when he had an eye infection. They are always sending out reminders when his treatment is over due.
Jessica McNaught