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Advanced Dentistry

Small animal dentistry is fast catching up to human dentistry in terms of what can be offered to improve your pet’s dental health.

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To properly examine every tooth in a pet’s mouth in the safest and least stressful way for your pet, a general anaesthetic is required. The vet will be thoroughly checking every aspect of every tooth for disease, and some of them are a long way back in the mouth!

Teeth are scaled and polished just like your dentist will do for you, cleaning not only the tartar you can see but also the tartar underneath the gumline that causes disease.

At Northside Vet Care we are fortunate to be able to offer advanced dentistry procedures with the expertise of Dr Kayo, who is currently undertaking further training in dentistry mentored by Dr Tony Caiafa.

All of our vets are happy to perform Free Dental Checks and discuss with you how to keep your pet’s mouth as healthy as possible.