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3 Signs That Your Pet Has Dental Bacteria Build Up

You are probably used to brusingh your own teeth 2-3 times per day, decreasing the bacteria build up in your mouth each time. Can you imagine what would happen if you brushed your teeth as often as you brush your pets? Luckily, pets do not need as much brush time as humans; however they still need to keep up on their dental hygiene. If you’re wondering about the bacteria build up in your pets mouth here is a checklist to run through. If you answer yes to any of these signs then it might be time you brought your fury friend in for a dental check.

1) Bad Breath
If you are cosying up next to your pet and notice that their breath is less than fresh, their mouth is probably full of bacteria. Your pet is eating, chewing and licking everything which exposes them to picking up many bacteria. Chances are if you notice that their breath is smelling sickeningly sweet, terribly foul or rather acidic then they have a bacteria issue. Take them in to see if a cleaning will do the trick or if this could be a symptom of a much bigger issue.shutterstock_133897286

2) Plaque or Tartar Build Up
Plaque is the result of saliva and food particles combining, attaching to the teeth and hardening. It forms a hard crust across the surface of the teeth that can cause infections. These infections in the mouth lead to bad breath, but can also cause your pet’s teeth to loosen and require extraction.


3) Change in Eating Habits
Your pet could have already entered the stage in which they are beginning to lose teeth. If you notice that they are having trouble eating, swallowing food whole or avoiding it altogether they might have a build up of bacteria that has caused infections resulting in painful gums and possible loss of teeth. Check and see if there is any gum irritation or any missing teeth. If this is the case see a vet so that they can administer the proper care to your best friend.